Tracking Systems

Cordova Oilfield Services Ltd utilizes the GeoTrac Asset management system. Each of our units is equipped with a tracking system that allows us to know the exact status and location of our workers.

This system showcases the most detailed and interactive mapping application for the oil and gas industry in the North Peace. Our dispatchers can easily pinpoint a vehicle, send a dispatch or message. This allows us to be efficient and cost effective in dispatching trucks for our customers.

Pipe Online System

Cordova uses an industry leading inventory system that lets our customers log in any time or day of the year. This system allows our customers to accurately track their Oil Country Tubular Good’s (OCTG’s) inventory. Cordova will provide you with access to this program so you may be at ease knowing your product is where it should be. If you have any questions regarding this program you may contact us at 1-250-787-7378